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Founding the EU

European Coal and Steel Community

  • cooperation in industries of war: steel and coal
  • Paris, 1951: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands

European Economic Community (EEC)

  • success of European Coal and Steel community leads to common market
  • no obstacles for exchange of money, business, jobs and trade

European Union (EU)

  • many more members (today: 28) and areas of cooperation: infrastructure, environment etc.
    changing the name from EEC to EU

What the European Union does today

  • trying to make life easier
    free movement within EU
    single currency: euro
    help for less wealthy member states and neighbouring countries
    environmental and consumer protection etc.

How the European Union makes decisions

European Commission

  • 28 Commissioners, represent Europe
  • propose laws

European Parliament

  • elected every 5 years, represents the citizens
  • decides on laws with Council

The Council

  • government ministers, represent EU countries

European Council

  • leaders of European countries who set Europe’s general strategy

The Court of Justice

  • makes sure that EU laws respect fundamental rights and
  • that member states stick to EU laws

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