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Arbeitsblatt Top Tips

In this exercise you can learn how to write an essay by analysing an essay, looking at its structure, useful words and phrases and learning some essential tips for writing:

Before reading: Top Tips for writing an essay

  • Write your essay in paragraphs
  • Use phrases like ‘First of all,..’ , ‘In addition…’ etc. to start each paragraph
  • Use phrases to express your opinion like ‘I think..’, ‘In my opinion..’ etc. to express your point of view
  • Use phrases like ‘Some people say that …’ or ‘However, there are people who…’ to mention other people’s viewpoints.
  • Make a list of ideas before you start
  • Sort your ideas in the order you want to write about them
  • Don’ forget to sum up your arguments and state your point of view at the end of the essay.
  • Begin your essay with ‘introduction’, go on with ‘middle’ and end with ‘conclusion’


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